New Year's Eve Champagne Sampler
*Note: Pictures are for illustrative purposes only - since this is a hand-made product, there may be variations in color, size and shape.

New Year's Eve Champagne Sampler

Broadway Wax LLC
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Ring in the New Year with our bubbly Champagne Sampler! This festive collection of 12 unique blends will liven up any celebration, with aromas like Citrus Sparkle, Iced Vanilla Woods, and Wild Elderberry! From Champagne Showers to Champagne Pear, you're sure to find something to suit your tastes and add a sparkle to your night. Cheers! 

 This sampler contains the following blends:

  • Champagne
    • Champagne + Citrus Sparkle + Coconut Lime Verbena + Grapefruit and Bergamot
  • Champagne Showers
    • Champagne Showers + Beach Nights + Iced Vanilla Woods + Toasted Marshmallow
  • Vanilla Champagne
    • Vanilla Champagne + Pink Ice + Love Spell + Wild Elderberry
  • Cherry Champagne Toast
    • Cherry Champagne Toast + Cupcakes at Tiffany's + Almond Macaroon + Pistachio Pudding Cake + Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Champagne Sprinkles
    • Champagne Sprinkles + Candy Cream + Bubbly Cotton Candy + Pink Flamingo
  • Champagne Toast
    • Champagne Toast + Sugared Strawberry + Sugar Cookie Royale + Tipsy Pig
  • Champagne Pear
    • Champagne Pear + Chardonnay + Velvet Sugar
  • Champagne Pomegranate
    • Champagne Pomegranate + Blackberry Tonka Bean + Blackberry and Sugared Violets + Cashmere Plum

Approximate wax weight: 22 ounces.