Chilled Shipping Package
*Note: Pictures are for illustrative purposes only - since this is a hand-made product, there may be variations in color, size and shape.

Chilled Shipping Package

Broadway Wax LLC
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Help protect your investment with a Chilled Shipping Package.   Melts sitting in a hot delivery truck, warehouse or even your front porch can have an impact on your order.  This cold pack will help to decrease the chances of your wax melting during transit.  We had good luck with this last summer, so we have brought it back.  Please let us know how your wax holds up during shipping.  

Pack includes 

  • 6 - Cold packs
  • Insulated box liner

Please note: 

  • This product will add weight to your order, which may increase the cost to ship or the container size.   Please review your order at check out. 
  • The cold pack is an effort to reduce the potential for heat to impact your order, we can't guarantee that no melting will occur due to multiple factors:  time in transit, time in holding, heat conditions, geography or local conditions.